Five Favourite Things

In the vein of Julie Andrews, here are a few of my (most recent) favourite things…


  1. Marks and Spencer Milk Chocolate Digestives

These are hands-down the BEST chocolate digestives I have ever tried. Ever. They stand apart because of the slight crunch given by the Demerara sugar and hint of salt. Delightful!



  1. Bio-D Lime and Aloe Vera Hand Wash 5-Litre 

I’ve been trying to migrate to more earth-friendly, eco options for my cleaning products. And as we know, I go through a lot of hand wash…I really rate this fresh smelling hand wash. It doesn’t irritate my hands as much as some antibacterial hand washes, and that is a major plus-point for me given my hand washing record. I love that you can buy it in a 5-litre bottle, as it reduces plastic waste and means I’ve got a plentiful supply to hand (no pun intended) – win/win!



  1. White Stuff Instant Indulgence Hand & Body Lotion

This hand cream smells divine! I don’t usually go in for more cosmetic-type hand creams, as I tend to need heavier duty stuff, but it was a gift from my friend, Nina (thanks lovely!). And it is just the sort of sweet, intoxicating fragrance I love – the vanilla, coconut and almond work really well together. It also absorbs relatively quickly in to my hands – I can’t stand when hand cream is greasy. The lovely bottle has pride of place at my bathroom sink! Praise indeed 🙂



  1. Father Brown 

Series 6 of the period drama finished last month, and it has reignited my love for the gentle murder mystery programme – there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one! I enjoy nothing more than settling down with a cup of tea and biscuit(s) to watch the exploits of Mark Williams as the indomitable Father. Emer Kenny is fabulous as Lady Penelope ‘Bunty’ Windermere, his unruly aristocratic side-kick. The costumes and settings are spot on, lending a beautiful 1950s charm to the series. I miss Sid and Lady Felicity, two previous side-kicks, who made a welcome return for a short time this series, but the cast is probably the strongest it has been. I’ve really warmed to Inspector Mallory, played by Jack Deam – he always raises a smile with his familiar, weary address of ‘Padre’. Catch it whilst you can on BBC iPlayer.



  1. Scaramanga Backpack 

Scaramanga have been a recent find, when I was on the search for a leather satchel. They are a Fife-based leather and vintage furniture stockist. Their ethical credentials are sound, and though expensive, deliver quality, hand-made products with excellent customer service. Unfortunately, I found the satchel too uncomfortable for my carrying style (‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’), but their backpack is amazing! Very comfortable, spacious (fits my Macbook plus notebook, makeup bag, large purse, phone, keys, etc.), and looks gorgeous – it will only get better with age!



Let me know of your recent favourites below!

Please note, these are not affiliate or sponsored products, I’m just sharing the love of some things I’ve been appreciating lately. Enjoy!

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