Welcome to my blog. I’m Pamela, the Obsessive Compulsive Mother in question. I’m 33, live in Edinburgh, Scotland, with The Husband, my baby boy The Munchkin, and two cats. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). And I’m navigating parenthood for the first time. This is where you join me! Are you interested in the life and times of an anxiety-ridden, obsessive, but otherwise fairly normal, first-time mum? Then read on!

I hope my blog will help give a voice to others who may be experiencing the same sorts of issues surrounding anxiety, to help them feel they’re not alone and remind them they are doing a frankly awesome job of raising tiny humans. You’ll find plenty of honesty about how my OCD affects me on a daily basis, as well as how I try to manage it alongside family life.

I also want my blog to show the things I’m doing in my daily life to try to live well, be this exercise, food, family life or whatever is helping me be me – sometimes this is TV detective shows, books, make up, gadgets, red wine or (most often) tea & chocolate. Considering I’m something of a compulsive shopper as well, the blog will undoubtedly feature some of my best buys and recommendations. I’m always keen to try a new way of doing things, and usually this means I find a must-have product in order to do it. The Husband, if you are reading, I’ll try to limit this.

Finally, the blog will mostly be about my attempts to mother my wee boy. So expect lots of pictures (sorry Munchkin). I love this little dude. A lot.

Thanks for reading this far! Please visit my Contact page if you want to get in touch, and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss the latest exciting instalment!

Pam x

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