obsessive. compulsive. mother. Eats London!

  Part of the appeal of the London Marathon was the ability to live it up in London after the race. And living it up for me is eating and drinking well. London did not disappoint! Please bear with me as this is somewhat of a lengthy post. But if you are looking for dining... Continue Reading →

The London Marathon Experience: Part Two

When I left you, I had turned to face the second half of the London marathon course. The challenge had become darker, and I was feeling less sure of myself. I don’t think this is an uncommon reaction at this point of the marathon. Many people report feeling low after the jubilation of Tower Bridge... Continue Reading →

The London Marathon Experience: Part One

This is another post which has been a long time coming. Almost four months after I completed the London Marathon, I feel I may be able to write about it. It was an amazing, agonising, uplifting, and strangely addictive experience. And, quite possibly, completely indescribable. Hence me taking so long to attempt this!    ... Continue Reading →

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