Mini Book Reviews: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Welcome to my second Mini Book Review – I am on fire with reading this last month (famous last words…)! This book is from another of my preferred genres – self-help / lifestyle guides. I love a non-fiction book, especially if it involves trying to get some aspect of my life in order. I was... Continue Reading →

Make It Easy On Yourself

A plague is on our house. Ok, not the plague, just a cold. But still, everything is so miserable when you have a cold, isn’t it? Sleep is disrupted (ha ha, what sleep?!), appetite is non-existent, there are aches and pains, blocked noses (the worst!), and terrible coughs. Grim. And it’s at its worst when... Continue Reading →


Welcome back, Pam. I’m going to take refuge here on my blog, as we are currently undergoing some serious home renovations. No room has been left untouched. It has been going on since November, and is part of the reason I haven’t updated on here in so long. My head has been taken up with... Continue Reading →

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